Sci Fi Kind of Season

From our first newsletter!


With this inaugural newsletter, I thought long and hard about what kind of newsletter I'd like to receive in my inbox. Being a writer for the majority of my career, I thought it would come easily. Instead, there's something funny about perfume copy. Scent is, perhaps, our most primal instinct. One whiff, and it goes right to our frontal lobe where things like memory, spontaneity and sexual behavior(!) is housed. The stuff can be hard to describe. So I thought to make this newsletter, and those to come, an adventure, a highlight of inspirations, a discussion of scent, a place to muse and more. I've been working the past few months on our latest scent SCI FI. Surreal as our current real world might be, I thought there was always something comforting in great science fiction—a certain familiarity that gives you the foundation to innovate and turn everything you knew upside down. That's how I feel about SCI FI, which takes vanilla and changes what you thought you knew about it. Blended with green tea and bitter orange, there's a clean finish that's thoroughly new. —Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn