The Catbird Is Out of the Bag

For all the talk of Brooklyn companies from chocolate to perfume, perhaps the one that started the movement in Williamsburg is Catbird. The jewelry company that could, founded by the amazing Rony Vardi, has been in Williamsburg for more than a decade. She's not only seen the neighborhood undergo tremendous change, but her business has also thrived and grown with it. For those unfamiliar, Catbird changed the fine jewelry game. Gone are the days of giant baubles and in are layers of delicate gold bands and unique single earrings. Walk into Catbird's store on Bedford and immediately feel the energy—it's exactly how women want to wear fine jewelry now. You can count me as a huge fan. In fact, whenever I travel, I bring along Catbird gifts with me as a little reminder of home. All of which is why I'm personally thrilled to say that Ellis Brooklyn is launching with Catbird this week. Stunning fine jewelry meets modern fine perfume—talk about my dream world combo.