Verses Fragrance Layering Kit - Limited Edition

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  • Verses Fragrance Layering Kit - Limited Edition
  • Verses Fragrance Layering Kit - Limited Edition
  • Verses Fragrance Layering Kit - Limited Edition
  • Verses Fragrance Layering Kit - Limited Edition

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Inspired by the world's greatest music festivals, the Verses kit puts the power of fragrance layering in your hands. The Verses kit contains 3 best-selling eau de parfums (Myth, Rrose, Fawn) and 3 natural single notes (Palo Santo, Tonka, Patchouli). Like chords in a song, fragrance is based off of 3-note accords. Create your own scent symphony with your own personal combinations.


Myth: The most alluring musk around.
Bergamot, cassis and jasmine petals make a first impression before lingering with patchouli, liquid musks and white cedarwood.

Rrose: Not your grandma's rose
A sparkling combination of Centifolia rose petals and Sicilian lemon over vanilla orchid and spring musks.

Fawn: Like liquid sunshine
Warm, delicious and yet undeniably beautiful, coconut milk, bergamot, amber and Lily of the Valley make for an addictive blend.


Palo Santo: A woody yet clean note that conjures images of meditation and zen.

Tonka Bean: Addictive and a touch sweet, tonka contains hints of vanilla and almond for a whiff of delicious goodness.

Patchouli: With a complex aroma that’s at once earthy and green, patchouli is a fascinating ingredient in a vast majority of modern-day fragrances. This particular kind is sourced from Indonesia and is perfume-quality—you likely have not smelled fine patchouli like this on its own before.

All Ellis Brooklyn eau de parfums are paraben-free, phthalates-free, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Made in the USA.

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