Scent Memory: Kerry Pieri, Digital Director Harper's Bazaar

Kerry Pieri

Of our senses, the sense of smell is perhaps the most romantic and nostalgic. A fragrance can recall memories so precisely and poignantly, and perhaps better than any other method. In this column, friends of Ellis Brooklyn share their favorite scent memories. I first met Kerry years ago when we both found ourselves at an online site startup whose operations were creaky to say the least. Fast forward to today and she's been killing it at Harper's Bazaar as digital director of fashion and features, not to mention her street style—think: if Jane Birkin and a Chloe muse had a love child —which has taken on a whole new level. Just see her Instagram @KerryBazaar for evidence. But it isn't all about fashion for this maven; here, she shares her favorite scent memory.


I was on a swim team on and off from grades 3 through 11. I was never quite a super star—I guess I was more in it for the love of water. There is a video from when I was about 8 that shows me jumping in the pool during competition and instead of going straight into freestyle, I leisurely swam about 5 feet below the surface. But the smell of chlorine is still oddly soothing to me. Whenever I walk into a building with a public pool, I'm transported to childhood. Although, now I prefer saline pools, less chemicals! 

Photo: Courtesy of Kerry Pieri