Scent Memory: DJ Kitty Cash

kitty cash

Much of my job as a writer is keeping tabs on who's trending, who's influencing and, in general, who feels fresh. Kitty Cash, a DJ and budding style-setter, checks all of the above. When she's not DJ-ing acts like Solange, Willow Smith, SZA and Skrillex, Cash is raising fashion to another level with her blend of street, pattern and unique sensibility (warning: be prepared to lose hours perusing her fantastic Instagram account). If it sounds like I'm girl-crushing, it's because I completely am. Oh, double-win that she lives in Brooklyn too. Here, Cash stops by to share her favorite scent memory.

My mother had tons of essential oils around the house. She was big on aromatherapy and had aspirations of one day starting her own all-natural product line. As a child, she would bathe me and then rub me down with pure lavender oil. Now that I'm older, I find it quite funny how things come full circle because now I try to keep fresh lavender in my home. I love the scent; it's so soothing and calming. But now that I think of it, I think I just love the memory of it all.

Photo: Steven Irby Sweatpants @Stevesweatpants